Tracy Lee Nelson

Hello Music Lovers ! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Website !! I've been working hard on my music and have had a lot of new idea's regarding songs and booking new shows, I've been In and out of the studio and just finished my NEW CD  " Blues Loving Man " this CD is a Rocking Dirty, Bar Blues, Screaming  guitar !! and very excited to have finally completed it ! If you like Rocking Blues this CD is especially for you !  There will be a lot of fancy guitar work and of course Serious issues that I would love to share with you,  I know your gonna love them, if your a true blues lover ..... Thank you again ! and I will see you soon !! Keeping the blues alive, NATIVE BLUES. PEACE TO ALL.

8-10-2018. UPDATE ! New / Old recording. Recently, I've been going over all my old recordings of bands that I started year's ago. It was soooo funny hearing these songs I composed in the 1970's back when I was just learning to play guitar !!. Later in the 80's I started my first Punk Rock band called "Side Effect's" The recording is terrible !! but I'm so glade I saved the cassettes !. In 1986 I started a kind of Death Rock/Punk band called "Johnny and the Ding Bats" we played all the underground clubs in Hollywood it was a cool scene ! even got to play with and hung out with Bands that were not big then. Like, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedy's, Channel 3, T.S.O.L, I even got a chance to play bass with the great Puck Rock band FEAR with Lee Ving. We, Johnny and the Ding Bats did our first recording in Hollywood, a small 2 song 45 record with the song Transylvania ! and was played on the KROCK radio station. we then recorded more songs. Next, I  started my 3rd band " The Madd Vampires" These original old recording will be available only on Digital down load on November 2018. Peace to all !! Music is Life.