Tracy Lee Nelson


Tracy Lee Nelson is a true native Californian from the La Jolla Indian Reservation in San Diego Ca. Luiseno/Diegueno Guassac clan and Mataweer/Duro family from the Mesa Grande Indian reservation. NAMA Award Winner of the Native American Music Awards 2018, Nominated BEST BLUES CD with the Indigenous Music Awards Canada 2018, and Nominated for " Artist of the Year" " Best Blues Recording" and "Best Music Video recording" This is for his 9th new Cd "Blues Loving Man". Tracy has engaged in playing many genres, from blues to Rock. In 1990's he has emerged from the San Diego and Los Angeles areas as a musician with ground breaking new perspective of the blues. A Native American's point of view, as Tracy always says " It's been well over five hundred years since our discovery of Christopher Columbus ! and since then, We have always had the Blues !! Native Blues. This southern Californian premiere blues artist has traveled across the nation such as New York, Seattle Washington, New Mexico, Billings Montana, Canada to Hollywood California sweeping the country will his hard hitting perspective of the blues on a Indian reservation. Tracy's unique voice, original lyrics and blues guitar work comes straight from his heart writing, singing, and performing songs that should have been spoken of long ago. Former Tribal Chairman of the La Jolla Indian Reservation, Artist, Sculpturist, Skateboarder, and former member of the 1970's hit band REDBONE with their hit " Come and get your Love " Tracy has had the honor of being mentioned in the Native People Magazine as one of the finest up and coming Native American blues artist. Articles can also be found presenting him in Hollywood Reporter, Indian Artist, News from Native California, LA Times, Union Tribune, Navajo-Hopi observer Feb 7,2018, ICE Indian Cinema Entertainment, SAY Magazine issue 90, summer 2018,  Indian Country and Southland Blues Magazine and Cd review in Blues Blast Magazine Dec 28th,2017 issue 11-52.   

Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C


As an Artist , Tracy's art work is on display at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indians in Washington D.C and was recently on display at the San Diego Museum of Man. A traveling exhibit that share's his FULL BLOOD skateboard line, Add to dictionary.jpg and other Native Artist art work called  "Ramp It Up !" Skateboarding in Indian Country !  !Ramp_it_Up.jpg

Chairman Tracy Lee Nelson


Tracy Lee Nelson has also had the honor of being elected as the official spokes person from  2002 - 2006 Tribal Chairman for the La Jolla band of Luiseno Indians in San Diego, Ca a two year term in dealing with the economics of the tribe. and feels it was a great honor to follow in the footsteps of his late father Chairman Lester Lee Nelson.