Tracy Lee Nelson

Hello Music Lovers ! GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY !! I won the Award for the Best Blues Recording at the 18 th Annual Native American Music Awards in buffalo New York !! and wanted to say Thank you to all my friends for all your votes, and Andy Machin at BIG ROCK Studios who help me get this award with the countless hours we put on this Cd. " BLUES LOVING MAN" and to Joanna for all her hard work at promoting this Cd. I am truly honored and thankful to NAMA for this award. On this night Oct 12th,2018 we wanted to help bring awareness to the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women, so we made Red Ribbons to symbolize this tragedy that is taken place on our reservation and around the world. Prayer's and Blessings to all the family's effected by these crime's.


 8-10-2018. UPDATE ! New / Old recording. Recently, I've been going over all my old recordings of bands that I started year's ago. It was soooo funny hearing these songs I composed in the 1970's back when I was just learning to play guitar !!. Later in the 80's I started my first Punk Rock band called "Side Effect's" The recording is terrible !! but I'm so glade I saved the cassettes !. In 1986 I started a kind of Death Rock/Punk band called "Johnny and the Ding Bats" we played all the underground clubs in Hollywood it was a cool scene ! even got to play with and hung out with Bands that were not big then. Like, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedy's, Channel 3, T.S.O.L, I even got a chance to play bass with the great Puck Rock band FEAR with Lee Ving. We, Johnny and the Ding Bats did our first recording in Hollywood, a small 2 song 45 record with the song Transylvania ! and was played on the KROCK radio station. we then recorded more songs. Next, I  started my 3rd band " The Madd Vampires" These original old recording will be available only on Digital down load on November 2018. Peace to all !! Music is Life.