1. Khadijah

From the recording Khadijah

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This song was composed to through the power of music to bring awareness to the Missing Murdered Woman and Children of the world. and to the Britton family on the Round Valley Reservation,CA


Composed by: Tracy Lee Nelson

Nine months have passed since I've seen my daughter
My heart is shattered and I know I've gone insane
I walk by her room ,everyday and cry a prayer
I still light the candles hoping she'll find her way
Well I'll searcg the world I will find you soon
Just know that I will never give up on you

Somebody took away Khadijah
Somebody tore my heart apart
Somebody's taken all our children
I just want my baby back home

Photo's and memories rain an ocean of tears
I can't stop this screaming my life is unclear
I still hear her voice and her laughter is so clear
I pray she is safe, I pray she is near
Bridge to Chorus
Let's pray, for all the missing children
Let's pray, they all make it back home